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IP address or internet protocol is the very important thing which uses for the expansion of the network. Private and public IP addresses are mainly used for device and websites. IP address is an address which is used for locating the device or website. There are 6 types of IP classes. Here we will discuss the private IP address which is used in the networking devices only. A router is a networking device where the IP addresses are also used. In the networking device, an IP address is used as default which is setup by the manufacturer. The IP address classes start from A to E but for most of the home routers, the IP address Class C is used. The IP address Class C starts with You have to remember this thing as start and about ends of the IP address range.
The IP address C starts as and ends If you make any change in the IP address class, then the IP address become false. Many users of the router and other networking devices do know about this thing. So, they make many mistakes in the IP address. All of the users should know all of those mistakes and they cannot use the false IP address or mistyped IP address for any purpose. This is why it is important to learn all about those things what make your IP address wrong. If you know all things, then you can solve a problem related to the IP address.
The false IP address can be formed many ways but recently I have found a form of false IP address. That false form of the IP address is 129.168.o.1. When the administrator uses the false IP address in the browser address field for login to the router, they get an error. You can check the IP address and you cannot match the IP address 129.168.o.1 with the IP address class. The administrator made the mistake in the IP address with class and this mistake comes first. There is no IP address class which starts with 129. The IP address class of C starts with 192. The IP address Class A starts with 0, Class B starts with 128, Class D starts with 224 and Class E starts with 240 and this IP address class is reserved.
Another in the false IP address 129.168.o.1 is letter o. In the IP address, the letter is used. But according to the IP address formation rules, there is no place for letter or word in the IP address. Perhaps, administrator used the letter o instead of the number zero. There are somethings what you cannot use the IP address to make false an IP address. Those are symbols and space. In the correct IP address, 3 dots used only. You cannot increase or decrease the number of dots than 3 dots.
If you use the false IP address 129.168.o.1, then the browser send the error to the users and the log in form will not appear. The false IP address is completely useless and you should fix the IP address. The correct form of the IP address will be Here, I have fixed the IP address class and removed the letter o. So, the correct IP address is found for fixing the wrong IP address. Now you can try with this IP address for log in the router and networking device. If everything is correct, then you will be logged in the router.
You can find out the IP address what has been running in your router or networking device with the “ipconfig” command. The command lets you know the IP address what your router has been using. So, you know the IP address. If you want to login to the router and use the control panel of the router, you need to use the IP address. You need to use username and password with the IP address. You can use the IP address on the browser address field and press the Enter button to get the form to use the username and password. On the form type the username and password and click on the login button. Now you have logged in and use the access panel of the router. The access panel is also called administrative tool.
In the router, you will get the IP address section where you can change the IP address for avoiding the IP address confliction problem. If you want to use the false IP address 129.168.o.1 in that place, then the router will deny accepting the false IP address. Because the IP address is false and the router cannot recognize the formation of the IP address. Some routers let not you type the letter or word in the IP address or finally you cannot save the false IP address.
You know the Class C type IP address starts from to When you change the IP address for IP address confliction solution, then you should maintain the IP address Class. You have to replace an IP address which must be from same IP address class. If you want to replace an IP address, then you have to take an IP address from to IP addresses. You have to be careful in this matter. You cannot use anything else or any number out of IP address class.
You cannot change the IP address class type and you should keep the IP address as it is. With this IP address, you can find out the connection status between the router and computer. To know the connection status, you have to use ping command and with this ping command, you have to use the IP address what has been set in the router. The command will be formed as “ping” or “ping -t”. You use the command on the Command prompt page and press Enter button to know the correct report about the connection status of the router and computer. You can learn more from 129.168 pdf.
There are various types of problem may arise from the router and Wi-Fi. You should remain alert always and you should keep you update. For this reason, you should read the troubleshooting section of the router manual. So, you can easily solve all types of problems quick and you do not need to face any problem. You can remain alert before any problem occurs. If you cannot solve any problem of the router or the problem may persist from the hardware of the router, then you should contact the vendor or manufacture. You can visit manufacturing website to know about the problem and its solution.